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Willie Sutton: Where The Money Is

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 25, 2023

Meaning of Willie Sutton Money Quote: saying it only makes sense that to rob, go where there is money, banks have it. Willie Sutton said:

rob banks - Because that's where the money is Quote

“(Why do you rob banks, Willie?) Because that’s where the money is” — Willie Sutton


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This famous quote attributed to bank robber Willie Sutton suggests that his motivation for robbing banks was simply to obtain money, as that is where large sums of cash are concentrated. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Sutton portrays banks as an obvious target due to the large amounts of cash and other valuables kept on premises compared to most other locations.
  • His response implies an almost casual or matter-of-fact attitude towards bank robbery as a means to acquire funds, with no other apparent justification given.
  • Of course, reasonable observers would condemn Sutton’s criminal actions. However, his quote has also become a pop cultural reference highlighting the perceived abundance of wealth housed in banking institutions.
  • A balanced interpretation acknowledges his perspective while also recognizing that progress emerges from respectful discussion of ideas, not endorsement of unlawful behavior that endangers lives or undermines justice.

Overall, the quote succinctly conveys Sutton’s perspective on why he targeted banks during his life of crime. However, the best analysis considers this viewpoint as just one data point, and recognizes the importance of upholding law and order through open-minded debate of complex issues according to principles of nonviolence, compassion, and bringing people together wherever possible through equitable policymaking and social reform over time.

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