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Wally Lamb: Profit Driven Denial

Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Meaning of Wally Lamb Money Quote: saying because nobody knows, religion can profit from what we don’t understand. Wally Lamb said:

Religion's just a well-oiled profit-driven denial of the randomness of it all Quote

“Religion’s just a well-oiled profit-driven denial of the randomness of it all” — Wally Lamb


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In this quote, Wally Lamb is critically assessing the role and purpose of organized religion. His interpretation is that religion functions largely as a carefully orchestrated system that denies or obscures the inherent randomness, unpredictability and lack of inherent meaning in life and the universe.

Lamb seems to view religion as a profit-driven business that provides people with a false sense of order, purpose and design, when in reality existence has no inherent grand plan or design.

He suggests religion is a denial of the randomness and lack of overarching meaning in life, and that it is motivated primarily by profit and perpetuating itself rather than truth or spiritual fulfillment.

The overall message conveys Lamb’s perspective that religion is in the business of refuting the randomness of reality for commercial and psychological reasons.

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