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Vahan Janjigian on IPO Accessibility

Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vahan Janjigian Money Quotation saying the harder it is to get access to initial public offerings, the more valuable they are likely to be. Vahan Janjigian said:
If you can get an IPO, don’t buy it. Only buy IPOs you can’t get Quote

“If you can get an IPO, don’t buy it. Only buy IPOs you can’t get” — Vahan Janjigian


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This quote is advising investors to avoid buying into initial public offerings (IPOs) that they are easily able to obtain shares of during the IPO process. When demand is very high for an IPO and it’s oversubscribed, it suggests there is strong interest and enthusiasm from other investors that could continue to drive the stock price up in the short term.

However, for IPOs that are not oversubscribed and shares are readily available, it means investor interest may not be as high. The quote recommends only buying IPOs that are so in-demand that an individual can’t easily get shares (“IPOs you can’t get”), as that signals more confidence in the future performance and valuation of the company. In other words, don’t buy IPOs just because you can, only buy ones that others are also eagerly seeking.

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