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Tupac Shakur: Droople Billion Dollars

Posted by admin on Monday, January 29, 2018

Tupac Shakur Money Quote saying it’s unfair that rich people buy unnecessary and excessive things when there are people in poverty without anything. Tupac Shakur said:

No way that Michael Jackson should have a million billion dollars and then there's people starving Quote

“There’s no way that Michael Jackson or whoever Jackson should have a million thousand droople billion dollars and then there’s people starving. There’s no way! There’s no way that these people should own planes and there people don’t have houses. Apartments. Shacks. Drawers. Pants!” — Tupac Shakur

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C. JoyBell C: Plastic Bag Not Prada

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 15, 2016

C. JoyBell C Money Quote saying carrying more cash in an ugly bag makes sense when a designer fashion eats cash. C. JoyBell C said:

I would rather carry around a plastic bag with five thousand Euro inside, than carry around a Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Prada bag with only one hundred Euro inside!
— C. JoyBell C

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