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Stuart Aken: Knowledge Manure

Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Meaning of Stuart Aken Money Quote: saying money nourishes and grows things where it is distributed well. Stuart Aken said:
Knowledge, like money and muck (manure), serves us best when spread evenly Quote

“Knowledge, like money and muck (manure), serves us best when spread evenly” — Stuart Aken


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This quote by Stuart Aken seems to be suggesting that knowledge, like wealth or fertilizer, is most effective and beneficial when distributed broadly rather than concentrated in few hands. Some key points:

  • When money is “spread evenly”, no one is left in poverty while society overall prospers as more have means to participate.
  • When manure (fertilizer) is “spread evenly” across fields, more crops will grow bountifully rather than just in isolated spots.
  • Similarly, when knowledge is shared widely rather than hoarded secretly or available only to an elite, everyone can progress and problems get solved more efficiently as more minds work together.

Overall, the quote portrays knowledge as a public good that serves communities best not when monopolized but when circulated freely so its fruits can empower more people. An informed, educated population is ideal according to this view that values spreading assets for mutual gain.

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