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John Rogers: Reclaim from Speculators

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 22, 2018

John Rogers Money Quote saying bankers, traders, hedge funds, investors and lenders make money a gambling medium, rather than a medium for exchange. John Rogers said:
Reclaim money from the speculators and restore to role as a medium for trade Quote

“We must reclaim money from the speculators and restore it to its role as a medium for trade that serves us all” — John Rogers


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John Rogers is arguing that money and the financial system should benefit everyone in society, not just speculators and investors seeking profits. He believes “we” (likely referring to governments, regulators or citizens) need to take back control of money from speculators and refocus it on its core purpose of facilitating trade and commerce between all people.

Rogers suggests money currently serves speculators who gamble and profit from financial markets, rather than serving the interests of the general public by enabling the exchange of goods and services.

His quote advocates reforming the monetary system so that money primarily functions as a neutral medium for all people to engage in trade, not as a tool for speculation that disproportionately rewards some individuals over others.

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