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Slash: Not Ridiculously Wealthy

Posted by admin on Friday, August 12, 2022

Meaning of Slash Money Quote: saying when you aren’t fabulously rich, it can pay to be frugal. Slash said:
I'm not ridiculously wealthy, but I don't squander money either Quote

“I’m not ridiculously wealthy, but I don’t squander money either” — Slash


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In this quote, Slash seems to be conveying that while he has achieved financial success through his career in music, he does not consider himself extraordinarily wealthy. Some key points:

  • He states that he is “not ridiculously wealthy” which implies he is comfortably well-off but not on a stratospheric level of riches.
  • However, Slash also says that he does “not squander money either” – meaning he does not frivolously spend or waste what he has earned.
  • This suggests Slash practices moderation in his spending and maintains prudent financial habits rather than indulging in excess, despite having the means.

Overall, the quote portrays Slash’s perspective that he enjoys financial security without being ostentatious about it through wasteful spending. His self-assessment is that he has achieved prosperity without recklessness, maintaining a balanced approach to money management even after a lucrative career according to this reflection.


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