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W. Somerset Maugham: Money Saves Time

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 22, 2015

W. Somerset Maugham Money Quotation saying cash allows for time savings by paying to eliminate or shorten unwanted, slow or tedious tasks. W. Somerset Maugham said:
W. Somerset Maugham Perhaps the most important use of money - It saves time. Life is so short, and there's so much to do, one can't afford to waste a minute quote

“Perhaps the most important use of money – It saves time. Life is so short, and there’s so much to do, one can’t afford to waste a minute” — W. Somerset Maugham


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In this quote, W. Somerset Maugham is explaining that one of the most significant benefits of having money is that it can help save or buy back time. Maugham notes that human lives are brief, yet there is so much we hope to experience and accomplish. Therefore, he argues we cannot afford to waste even a single minute of our limited time on Earth.

By using money for things like hiring help, paying for services, or purchasing conveniences, it frees up discretionary time that would otherwise be spent on necessities. Maugham suggests this ability to regain hours through financial means is extremely valuable, since time lost can never be regained.

The key message is that money facilitates gaining more time to fulfill our lives, and this time-saving function of funds is perhaps money’s most important utility given life’s brevity.

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