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Ron Rash: Small Profit Better

Posted by admin on Friday, February 9, 2024

Meaning of Ron Rash Money Quote: saying any profit is better than any loss – large or small for either. Ron Rash said:

 A small profit it better than a big loss Quote

“A small profit it better than a big loss” — Ron Rash


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In this quote, Ron Rash is giving advice about financial decision making and risk management. The best interpretation is:

  • Rash is saying it’s preferable to make a small gain or profit rather than taking a large financial loss on any business or investment endeavor.
  • His point is that accumulating modest wins is better in the long run than taking big risks that could result in severe losses, even if the potential rewards might be greater.
  • Rash advocates prioritizing consistent small profits over gambles that may pay off hugely but could just as easily end in ruinous loss if they don’t pan out.
  • The overall message is one of prudent risk-taking – Rash believes it’s smarter to favor steady accumulation through many minor gains rather than high-risk bets that stand to lose massively, as the former is a surer path to long term prosperity than the latter.
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