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Rod Wright: First Spend Lobbyist Money

Posted by admin on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Former California 35th District Senate Representative Rod Wright Money Quotation joking about spendng lobbyists contributions before writing a bill. Rod Wright said:
Rod Wright There will not be a bill until all the lobbying money is spent quote

“There will not be a bill until all the lobbying money is spent” — Rod Wright


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In this quote, Rod Wright is cynically commenting on the influence of lobbying expenditures on the legislative process. His view seems to be that major legislation is often intentionally delayed or stalled by politicians until various interest groups and corporations have spent lavishly attempting to shape the final contents of the bill through lobbying.

Wright implies that lobbying serves as a de facto toll that must be paid through political spending before bills are allowed to proceed to a vote. His perspective suggests the timeline for new laws is dictated more by how much competing factions spend trying to impact the language, provisions and overall direction of the bill, rather than the merits of the proposed policies themselves.

The quote conveys Wright’s belief that lobbying cash plays a dominant role in determining the pace of congressional lawmaking.


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