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Robbie Coltraine: Counting Beans

Posted by admin on Friday, October 14, 2022

Meaning of Robbie Coltraine Money Quote: saying the movie work that is best is where you don’t have to be a bean counter, but can make creative decisions. Robbie Coltraine said:
executive decisions and then you leave the money to other people. You don't have to be on set and counting beans Quote

“Being an executive producer is like the best job in the world because you make all these executive decisions and then you leave the money to other people. You don’t have to be on set and counting beans” — Robbie Coltraine


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In this quote, Robbie Coltrane is jokingly describing the advantages of being an executive producer in the film industry. He’s saying that as the executive producer, you get to make all the major creative and financial decisions about a project, but then don’t have to be personally involved in the day-to-day production activities or finances (represented by “counting beans”).

You leave the monetary responsibilities and headaches to others while still having an influential role. Coltrane suggests that because of this ability to make impactful choices from a distance without dealing with budgets, being an executive producer is a very cushy and desirable position compared to other film jobs. He’s comically exaggerating the perks of the role.

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