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Jackie Strange: Writing Checks Intelligently

Posted by admin on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jackie A. Strange Money Quote saying giving away money should be an intellectual exercise and an emotional decision. Jackie A. Strange said:
Jackie A. Strange Quote

“When it comes to philanthropy, write a check your heart can cash” — Jackie A. Strange


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This quote by Jackie A. Strange emphasizes the importance of donating to charitable causes from the heart rather than donating just for superficial reasons or social expectations.

By saying to “write a check your heart can cash”, Strange implies that philanthropic giving should stem from genuine personal conviction and care about an issue or organization, not surface-level motives.

The quote conveys that true philanthropy involves meaningful financial support one feels strongly about from within, not performative donations that don’t reflect one’s deepest values or compassion.

Overall, Strange seems to be advising people to thoughtfully align their charitable contributions with social causes they’re passionate about supporting from a place of sincere emotional investment, not just monetary figures.

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