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Penelope Lively: Money vs. Death

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 10, 2013

Penelope Lively Money Quote saying cash lives on in different pockets, accounts and investments even after the holder has died. Penelope Lively said:
People die, but money never does Quote

“People die, but money never does” — Penelope Lively


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In this quote, Penelope Lively is drawing a contrast between the impermanence of human life and the permanence of money. She’s pointing out that while people are mortal and will eventually pass away, money itself is immortal in the sense that it does not die like individuals do.

Money can be accumulated, passed down through generations, and continue circulating within economies indefinitely. So the quote reflects how money offers a form of symbolic immortality, outlasting any single person’s lifespan, whereas people are temporary beings who will all eventually perish.

Lively seems to be commenting on how money can in some ways transcend death in a way that people themselves cannot. The overall message is about the transient nature of human existence compared to the ongoing, perpetual nature of currency and financial assets.

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