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Oswald Spengler: Money Thought

Posted by admin on Saturday, May 7, 2022

Oswald Spengler Money Quote saying money is abstract and simply a mindset and way of thinking. Oswald Spengler said:
Money, like number and law, is a category of thought Quote

“Money, like number and law, is a category of thought” — Oswald Spengler


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In this quote, Oswald Spengler seems to be characterizing money as an abstract human construct or concept, similar to other intangible human creations like mathematics and legal systems. Some key points:

  • He states that money, like number/mathematics and law, is a “category of thought”.
  • This implies that money does not have intrinsic, objective properties outside of how humans have defined and imbued it with significance through social and economic systems.
  • Spengler portrays money as an idea or mental framework that only derives meaning through shared human perception and application, rather than representing inherent value on its own.

Overall, the quote conveys Spengler’s perspective that money is not a natural phenomenon but rather an artificial human invention and way of conceptualizing value, exchange and transactions – a theoretical “category” or mental model without tangible substance outside of how civilization has collectively chosen to utilize it through social consensus over time. Its significance and impacts stem entirely from human design rather than inherent qualities according to this view.

Birthday: May 29, 1880 – Death: 8 May 1936

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