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Olive Schreiner: Dearest Price Truth

Posted by admin on Sunday, March 24, 2019

Olive Schreiner Money Quote saying Of all things we pay the most for, truth costs more. Olive Schreiner said:
All things on earth have their price, and for truth we pay the dearest Quote

“All things on earth have their price, and for truth we pay the dearest” — Olive Schreiner


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Olive Schreiner is saying that while everything in the world has a price or cost attached to it, the price paid for truth is the highest or most difficult. She suggests that seeking and discovering truth requires greater sacrifice, effort and hardship than obtaining other things.

Schreiner’s quote implies that truth is among the most valuable yet challenging things to attain, as it often comes at significant personal expense through struggles, challenges to preconceptions or risks of social disapproval. Overall, she is emphasizing that truth is well worth pursuing, but it demands paying the steepest price of all.

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