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Nicole Kidman: Pay to Leave After

Posted by admin on Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nicole Kidman Money Quote saying it’s not that men pay for the company of women, they are really paying to end the visit. Nicole Kidman said:
Men don't pay you for sex, they pay you to leave after sex Quote

“Men don’t pay you for sex, they pay you to leave after sex” — Nicole Kidman


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In this quote, Nicole Kidman seems to be making an observation about relationships between men and women that involve financial aspects. She appears to be suggesting that when money is exchanged for intimacy, the payment is not actually for the sexual act itself.

Rather, Kidman implies the money is to compensate the woman for leaving promptly after sex, so that an ongoing emotional relationship or attachment is avoided.

Her statement conveys that from the perspective of some men in such arrangements, the payment is not for the sex act alone but also buys the woman’s absence and emotional distance after physical intimacy occurs.

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