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N.T. Wright: Worship Money Define

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 15, 2023

Meaning of N.T. Wright Money Quote: saying Those who focus on money often treat others as though they are assets of a financial nature. N.T. Wright said:

Those who worship money people as creditors, debtors, partners, or customers rather than as human beings Quote

“Those who worship money increasingly define themselves in terms of it and increasingly treat other people as creditors, debtors, partners, or customers rather than as human beings” — N.T. Wright


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This quote from N.T. Wright suggests that those who prioritize money above all else tend to see themselves and others primarily through the lens of financial roles and relationships rather than as whole human beings. Some key points in interpreting the perspective:

  • Wright implies that an overemphasis on wealth can reduce one’s identity and interactions with others to monetary designations like “creditors, debtors, partners, customers” rather than appreciating people’s full humanity.
  • He portrays an excessive focus on money as dehumanizing, viewing self and others mainly as financial actors engaged in transactions rather than as multidimensional individuals.
  • However, money also enables important needs and opportunities, so a balanced interpretation is that financial security, relationships, purpose and life satisfaction all contribute to well-being according to personal philosophy and changing needs over the lifespan.

Overall, the quote conveys Wright’s belief that prioritizing wealth can compromise how people see each other. But the best analysis considers this perspective as one of many valid viewpoints, and recognizes that responsible stewardship of resources, compassionate policies, and open-hearted communities that empower individuals to freely pursue deeper callings according to their own values are all important for optimizing welfare and justice in society over generations as conditions change.

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