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Mother Teresa: Greed Motivated

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Meaning of Mother Theresa Money Quote: saying Fear of money comes from worry over greed, because it tempted Judas and could tempt us. Mother Theresa said:

I fear just one thing : Money! Greed was what motivated Judas to sell Jesus Quote

“I fear just one thing : Money! Greed was what motivated Judas to sell Jesus” — Mother Theresa


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This quote from Mother Theresa expresses her concern that money can corrupt through greed in the same way it influenced Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus. She seems to be warning that an excessive focus on accumulating wealth for its own sake, rather than to help others, can compromise one’s integrity and morality.

By comparing greed to what drove Judas to sell out Jesus for silver, Mother Theresa suggests pursuing riches primarily for selfish gain can undermine noble principles and good works, just as it undermined Judas’s loyalty to his teacher.

She portrays greed and the love of money as a corrupting influence that should be guarded against, implying it can tempt people into prioritizing financial self-interest over compassion, faith and service to humanity.

Overall, this quote conveys Mother Theresa’s view that greed-driven pursuits of wealth pose a serious spiritual danger, as they did for Judas, and that caring primarily about amassing money risks compromising one’s character and values in detrimental ways.

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