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Miya Tokumitsu: Wealthy Debt Pay

Posted by admin on Monday, July 24, 2023

Meaning of Miya Tokumitsu Money Quote: saying Those who do the work they love sometimes go into debt for that loved work. Miya Tokumitsu said:

Do what you love, but only the wealthy can avoid going into debt to pay for it Quote

“Maybe anyone can do what he or she loves, but only the wealthy can avoid going into debt to pay for it” — Miya Tokumitsu


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This quote from Miya Tokumitsu suggests that while it may be possible for anyone to pursue their passions or do work they find fulfilling, only those who come from wealth have the luxury of doing so without accumulating debt. It implies that for most people, following one’s dreams often requires taking on financial obligations like student loans or living expenses that must later be paid back.

According to the quote, the freedom to learn and labor in a personally meaningful field without the burden of debt is a privilege reserved for the economically advantaged. It draws attention to the fact that not all have equal opportunity to freely explore their interests and talents, as monetary constraints force many into more lucrative but less intrinsically rewarding careers simply to pay bills and loans.

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