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Marshall Herskovitz: Money People

Posted by admin on Sunday, August 21, 2022

Meaning of Marshall Herskovitz Money Quote: saying independent film producers are not the money men, but believe in the film. Marshall Herskovitz said:
not owners, they're not money people, and in fact, those who just have the money don't always get a producer credit Quote

“The vast majority of our film producers are independent producers who live hand to mouth trying to get projects made that they love. They are not owners, they’re not money people, and in fact, those who just have the money don’t always get a producer credit” — Marshall Herskovitz


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In this quote, Marshall Herskovitz is describing the challenging situation that many independent film producers face. He notes that most producers are “independent” meaning they don’t have major studio backing. They “live hand to mouth” and struggle financially while dedicating themselves to getting passion projects made.

Herskovitz emphasizes that these producers do it for their love of the creative process, not because they are wealthy “money people.” He suggests that merely investing funds in a film does not necessarily qualify someone for a producer credit, as independent producers take on more responsibilities through their dedication beyond just monetary contributions. The quote provides insight into the precarious nature of independent film production work.

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