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Marilynne Robinson: Cheap Political Intellect

Posted by admin on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marilynne Robinson Money Quotation saying few value political discussion enough to take it seriously – it’s become cheap for all but politicians. Marilynne Robinson said:
Marilynne Robinson It seems sometimes as if political discourse is the cheapest intellectual environment quote

“It seems sometimes as if political discourse is the cheapest intellectual environment” — Marilynne Robinson


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In this quote, author Marilynne Robinson appears to be criticizing the level of intellectual rigor and depth often found in political discourse and debate. She suggests that the environment of political discussions sometimes seems like “the cheapest intellectual environment”, implying it is shallow, superficial, and lacks real substance.

Robinson seems to believe political dialogue frequently avoids complex ideas and rigorous analysis in favor of simplistic arguments and rhetoric. The quote conveys Robinson’s view that genuine intellectual exploration and examination of nuanced issues is often lacking in political spheres in comparison to other fields of thought and academia.

She appears to be arguing the intellectual standards and serious engagement with ideas can be much higher in other domains than what is commonly found in political realms.

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