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Marian Anderson: Money Fighting

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Marian Anderson Money Quote saying any attention to money increases the likelihood of contention over it. Marian Anderson said:
Where there is money, there is fighting Quote

“Where there is money, there is fighting” — Marian Anderson


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Fight Money Power

Pavel Constantin, Romania


In this quote, Marian Anderson seems to be making an observation about human nature and the relationship between wealth and conflict. The best interpretation is:

  • Anderson suggests that wherever money is present or at issue, there is likely to be “fighting” or disagreement between parties.
  • She implies wealth often becomes a point of contention, competition or source of tension that can lead to disputes and power struggles.
  • Money is seen as a scarce resource that people and organizations will vie for or defend their claim to, resulting in conflicts and confrontations.

Overall, the quote conveys Anderson’s view that financial interests tend to breed opposition and power dynamics as different sides seek to obtain, maintain or divide up monetary assets and resources. Money appears to cultivate an environment where fighting or strife is a common outcome.

Birthday February 27, 1897 – Died April 8, 1993


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