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Marc Accetta: More Excuses, Less Money

Posted by admin on Friday, June 29, 2018

Marc Accetta Money Quote saying if we waste time and energy creating reasons for loss or failure or inaction, we are wasting time we could be making more money. Marc Accetta said:
the more excuses you make, the less money you make! Quote

“The more EXCUSES you make, the less MONEY you make!” — Marc Accetta


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In this quote, entrepreneur Marc Accetta seems to be suggesting that people who frequently make excuses for their circumstances or lack of success in business will ultimately earn less money as a result. By making excuses, one avoids responsibility and fails to take meaningful action that could lead to profit or growth.

However, focusing one’s energy on proactively solving problems and seizing opportunities, rather than blaming external factors, is more conducive to achieving financial goals over time.

The quote advocates a mindset of self-responsibility where people look inward for areas to improve, rather than outward for things to blame.

By extension, it implies that those who make a habit of excuses hold themselves back from opportunities to substantially increase their income through hard work and initiative.

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