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Leo Hindery: Low-Paid Workers Lobby

Posted by admin on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Leo Hindery Jr. Money Quotation saying business and industry have lobbyists in Washington – low-paid workers have nobody working for their interests. Leo Hindery Jr. said:

We sold our Congress to big money interests years ago. There is no lobbying interest on behalf of a low-paid worker. Nobody. Nobody represents them, yet somebody obviously represents Wal-Mart in Washington and McDonald’s in Washington
— Leo Hindery Jr.

Rod Wright: First Spend Lobbyist Money

Posted by admin on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Former California 35th District Senate Representative Rod Wright Money Quotation joking about spendng lobbyists contributions before writing a bill. Rod Wright said:
Rod Wright There will not be a bill until all the lobbying money is spent quote

“There will not be a bill until all the lobbying money is spent” — Rod Wright

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