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Lili St. Cyr: Profit from Being Beautiful

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lili St. Cyr Money Quotation saying her burlesque star stature started with the belief that beauty should pay well or it’s of no value. Lili St. Cyr said:
Sex is currency. What's the use of being beautiful if you can't profit from it? Quote

Sex is currency. What’s the use of being beautiful if you can’t profit from it?” — Lili St. Cyr


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In this quote, Lili St. Cyr is acknowledging that physical attractiveness can be leveraged as a form of “currency” or means of gaining advantages in society. As a burlesque performer, St. Cyr suggests beauty has economic value and that it would be a waste not to benefit financially from one’s good looks.

Essentially, she is recognizing that appearance plays a role in business and transactions, just as money does. So the overall message seems to be a pragmatic view that if one possesses an attractive trait in a culture where beauty is commodified or monetized, it makes sense to profit from that asset rather than ignore its potential monetary worth.

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