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Langston Hughes: Money & Art

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Langston Hughes Money Quote saying Money is separated from art by great distance. Langston Hughes said:
Money and art are far apart Quote

“Money and art are far apart” — Langston Hughes


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This quote from Langston Hughes suggests that true artistic expression and creative works of cultural or aesthetic value are generally separate from and not driven by financial motivations. The best interpretation is that art is meant to convey deeper human truths, emotions and meanings, not simply to earn money.

While artists obviously require financial support to some degree, the quote implies that the pursuit of wealth alone should not define or corrupt the nature and purpose of art. Artistic merit comes from inner creative vision and skills, not external monetary rewards.

So Hughes seems to argue that art must primarily be judged based on its cultural or intellectual worth, not its commercial success. The quote advocates for keeping artistic and financial spheres somewhat distinct to preserve creativity and quality over superficial profit-seeking in artistic fields.

Birthday: February 1, 1901 – Death: May 22, 1967

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