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Jon Stewart: Benefit Rich Forever Good

Posted by admin on Monday, February 6, 2017

Jon Stewart Money Quote saying the political divide has stark differences between policies for rich and poor, deciding whether they are good or bad, worthy or dangerous, all dependent on party affiliation. Jon Stewart said:

If it’s a policy that benefits the rich, then it doesn’t have to be paid for, should last forever and is good for America, But if it benefits the poor, we can’t afford it, should end it as soon as possible and it will destroy our nation from within
— Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart: Money Corrupting Poor

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jon Stewart Money Quote saying handouts to the rich is good & doesn’t cost the government (because donations), but never give money to the poor or those without excess cash because it damages them and the country. Jon Stewart said:

if you give money to people who don’t have it, it corrupts them. But if you give it to people who are already rich, they have a money immunity built up already. Handouts don’t hurt them
— Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart: Billionaires Can’t Buy Elections!

Posted by admin on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jon Stewart Money Quotation saying in his “Bull_hit” segment of his last show – billionaires can’t buy politicians – right? Well unless they use opaque (fake) corporate shell games. Jon Stewart said (at about 3 minute mark in video below):

Hey, a handful of billionaires can’t buy our elections, right? Of course not! They can only pour unlimited anonymous cash into a 501(c)(4) if 50% is devoted to issue education. Otherwise they’d have to 501(c)(6) it or funnel it openly through a non-campaign coordinated super PAC
— Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart: Democracy Better Controlled $

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jon Stewart Money Quotation saying it’s difficult to comprehend how Citizens United extends voter voices. #GetMoneyOut The quote is at around 2:13 in the video below (if you can bear the commercial pre-roll). Jon Stewart said:
Jon Stewart In whose delusional mind is democracy made better by letting wealthier people control more of it? quote

“In whose delusional mind is democracy made better by letting wealthier people control more of it?” — Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart: Balancing the Budget

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show recaps how to cut the federal deficit and balance the budget with a long list of funny money quotes. Republicans and Democrats agree to cut 1.1 Trillion over 10 years, but argue over where those cuts should be made. Stewart can’t figure out, so asks IBM’s Watson, of Jeopardy fame but Watson can’t seem to answer that question either.

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