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John Travolta: Power Byproduct

Posted by admin on Monday, February 18, 2019

John Travolta Money Quote saying money brings influence only after work well done. John Travolta said:
Money and power come as a byproduct of things well done Quote

“Money and power come as a byproduct of things well done” — John Travolta


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This quote from John Travolta suggests that money and power are not the primary goals or driving forces in life, but rather are natural consequences or byproducts of doing things well and doing them right.

It implies that true success comes from focusing one’s efforts on the work itself and doing an excellent job, rather than directly pursuing wealth or status as the main objective. When one’s energy and attention is placed on mastering their craft and performing at the highest level, money and influence tend to follow as secondary results.

The quote encourages an intrinsic motivation of striving for quality and excellence in one’s endeavors, with financial and authoritative gains coming as a natural outcome of work well done, not as the main pursuit or end goal.

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