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John McGuinness: Irish Banks are Theives

Posted by admin on Sunday, November 5, 2017

John McGuinness Money Quote as Irish member of the Irish Parliament blames Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Michael D’Arcy for allowing banks to avoid responsibility for losing money for depositors. John McGuinness said:
Irish Banks have robbed families of everything. They are thieves and you Minister are driving the getaway car Quote

“These banks in this country have robbed individuals and families of everything that they have, including their dignity and their lives. They are the thieves in this question and you Minister, after today, are driving the getaway car” — John McGuinness


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In this quote, John McGuinness is sharply criticizing banks and the government’s handling of the financial crisis in Ireland. He suggests banks essentially stole from ordinary people by precipitating economic ruin through reckless practices that stripped individuals and families of their livelihoods, savings, homes and sense of security.

By accusing banks of being “the thieves in this question”, McGuinness portrays them as the real wrongdoers who robbed the public through their actions. He further implicates the Minister (likely of Finance) as an accomplice or enabler by not properly holding banks accountable, saying the Minister is now “driving the getaway car” to help banks evade responsibility for the hardship caused.

The overall interpretation is that McGuinness views banks as predatory institutions that preyed on citizens and destroyed lives, while seeing the government as failing to curb such abuse and protect people’s financial well-being by not punishing the banks responsible for precipitating the crisis. His strong language conveys deep frustration with both banks and the perceived lack of political will to remedy the situation and recover losses on behalf of affected families and communities.

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