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Jesse H. Jones: Can’t Pay Back

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 1, 2022

Jesse H. Jones Money Quote saying The worst thing you can do to someone is loan them more than they can afford to repay. Jesse H. Jones said:
One of the greatest disservices you can do a man is to lend him money that he can't pay back Quote

“One of the greatest disservices you can do a man is to lend him money that he can’t pay back” — Jesse H. Jones


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In this quote, Jesse H. Jones is cautioning against lending money to someone who will be unable to repay it.

Specifically, he suggests that providing a loan that the borrower has no realistic means of paying back does them a “disservice” or harm. It places them in a situation of debt they cannot resolve through their own means.

The best interpretation is that Jones believed lending money to someone without properly assessing their ability to repay is detrimental and does not truly help the borrower. It only sets the person up for financial struggles as they are unable to meet the obligations of the loan.

Overall, Jones appears to be advising lenders to only extend credit to individuals who have a clear path and capacity for repayment, in order to avoid doing the borrower the disservice of placing them in an unresolvable debt situation. Responsible lending requires evaluating a borrower’s ability to pay back what they owe.

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