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Janice Dickinson: Money Hormones

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 22, 2014

Janice Dickinson Money Quotation saying dollars may be as natural to some as body chemistry regulated by our attitude. Janice Dickinson said:
Money is like hormones. It's just how you feel on any given day Quote

“Money is like hormones. It’s just how you feel on any given day” — Janice Dickinson


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This quote from Janice Dickinson suggests that one’s relationship with money can be as variable and fluctuating as hormone levels. On some days, you may feel wealthy or financially secure, while on other days you may feel poor or lacking in resources.

Just as hormones influence mood from day to day, so too can perceptions of personal finances change depending on circumstances or emotional state of mind.

The best interpretation is that how much money you feel you have can be unpredictable and dependent on transient internal and external factors, rather than any objective measurement. Your financial situation may feel different each day, similar to how hormones affect feelings in changing ways.

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