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James Brown: Time Take Out

Posted by admin on Friday, May 3, 2019

James Brown Money Quote saying Time will always be the end of us all – money doesn’t do much. James Brown said:
Money won't change you, but time will take you out Quote

“Money won’t change you, but time will take you out” — James Brown


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In this quote, James Brown is observing that money alone will not fundamentally change a person or their character. However, he notes that the passage of time inevitably alters everyone as they go through life experiences. Brown seems to be suggesting that over the years, external circumstances and internal growth will transform anyone, regardless of their wealth or status.

The quote conveys a philosophical perspective that material riches do not determine who we become as people, but the slow march of time and the events we live through are what ultimately shape us and our perspectives. Overall, James Brown is emphasizing that time is the greater agent of change compared to financial means.

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