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Helene Rey: Do Not Let Civilization Die

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Helene Rey Money Quotation saying at Davos that we need to adjust our expectations and be creative with the refugee crisis. Helene Rey said:
We should not let our civilization die because of national budget rules Quote

“We should not let our civilization die because of national budget rules” — Helene Rey


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In this quote, Helene Rey appears to be arguing against prioritizing strict fiscal rules and budget constraints over taking actions needed to support a society or “civilization.” Specifically, she suggests that adhering too rigidly to limits imposed by “national budget rules” should not prevent steps from being taken that could help ensure the continued well-being and survival of a civilization.

Rey implies certain extraordinary circumstances may warrant flexibility or exceptions to normal budgetary guidelines if the alternative could endanger the fundamental functioning and longevity of a whole civilization.

In essence, the quote conveys the perspective that in times of deep challenges, a civilization’s continued existence should not be sacrificed merely to comply with pre-set financial restrictions if more responsive measures are required for its preservation.

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