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Nancy Pelosi: Wealthy Special Interests

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Nancy Pelosi Money Quote saying the milestone of 100 days into the Trump presidency is littered with broken promises and handouts to the wealthy. Nancy Pelosi said:

President Trump’s first 100 days have been a disastrous parade of broken promises to working people, handouts to wealthy special interests, and deep damage to the health and economic security of America’s families
— Nancy Pelosi

Jon Stewart: Money Corrupting Poor

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jon Stewart Money Quote saying handouts to the rich is good & doesn’t cost the government (because donations), but never give money to the poor or those without excess cash because it damages them and the country. Jon Stewart said:

if you give money to people who don’t have it, it corrupts them. But if you give it to people who are already rich, they have a money immunity built up already. Handouts don’t hurt them
— Jon Stewart

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