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Jean Anouilh: God Sides With Armies

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jean Anouilh Money Quotation saying those who win wars with large troops and lots of cash will claim that God was on their side. Jean Anouilh said:

God is on everyone’s side – and in the last analysis, he is on the side with plenty of money and large armies
— Jean Anouilh

Israelmore Ayivor: Grace to Solve Problems

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Israelmore Ayivor Money Quotation saying spend energy seeking answers instead of looking for payment for those answers first. Israelmore Ayivor said:

Leaders don’t pray to God for money. They simply ask for His grace to solve problems. By solving problems, the money comes
— Israelmore Ayivor

Bernie Sanders: Money Cannot Be God

Posted by admin on Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bernie Sanders Money Quotation saying he agrees with Pope Francis that there are many more important things in life than the almighty dollar. Bernie Sanders said:

Money cannot be the God of life

— Bernie Sanders

Tweet of God: Europe Owes Greece

Posted by admin on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Funny Money Quotes: Spoof Twitter Account @TheTweetOfGod suggestion that Greece is owed for it’s contribution to rational society and should have debt forgiven. God (@TheTweetOfGod) said:

Greece owes Europe some money. Europe owes Greece Western civilization. Call it even?
— God (@TheTweetOfGod)

Marianne Williamson: Worship God of Love

Posted by admin on Friday, February 20, 2015

Marianne Williamson Money Quotation saying given choice between worshipping money or worshipping a god, Americans are more likely to choose a diety of love. Marianne Williamson said:
The vast majority of Americans would not say that their God is Money - they'd say their God is Love Quote

“The vast majority of Americans would not say that their God is Money – they’d say their God is Love” — Marianne Williamson

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Scott Alexander on Hobbyist Happiness

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scott Alexander Money Quotation saying enjoying money makes for happiness rather than money becoming a dull responsibility. Scott Alexander said:

The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your god

— Scott Alexander

Oscar Wilde on Worshipping Wealth

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oscar Wilde Money Quotation saying almost angrily that we revere wealth above all and that success comes to those most worshipful of riches. Oscar Wilde said:

Every man of ambition has to fight his century with its own weapons. What this century worships is wealth. The God of this century is wealth. To succeed one must have wealth. At all costs one must have wealth
— Oscar Wilde

Heinrich Heine on God’s Shortcoming

Posted by admin on Monday, May 5, 2014

Heinrich Heine Money Quotation saying that God was fallible in his planning for sufficient funds for everyone. Heinrich Heine said:

The fundamental evil of the world arose from the fact that the good Lord has not created money enough

— Heinrich Heine

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