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Frederick Douglass: Get, Certainly Pay for All

Posted by admin on Friday, November 10, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying there is no escaping paying for everything, but we must also look to get full value for that spent. Frederick Douglass said:

Men may not get all they pay for in the world, but they must certainly pay for all they get quote
“Men may not get all they pay for in this world, but they must certainly pay for all they get” — Frederick Douglass

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Born February 14, 1818 – Died February 20, 1895
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Frederick Douglass: We Cheap Americans

Posted by admin on Monday, July 17, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying wealth that can be had cheap will always be found by Americans to gain further wealth. Frederick Douglass said:

It is a fact, that whatever makes for the wealth or for the reputation of Americans and can be had cheap will be found by Americans
— Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Slavery Money Making

Posted by admin on Sunday, July 16, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying the American slave-trade in the 1850’s was continued by some entirely due to profit motive and regardless of human suffering it caused. Frederick Douglass said:

Money is the measure of morality, and the success or failure of slavery, as a money-making system, determines with many whether the thing is virtuous, or villainous, and whether it should be maintained or abolished
— Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: No God But Wealth

Posted by admin on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote from an 1857 speech reflecting on how slave-holders and profiteers would respond to John the Disciple dismissing angelic visits from God to discuss wealth. Frederick Douglass said:

But brother John, will it pay? Can money be made out of it? Will it make the rich richer, and the strong stronger? How will it affect property? In the eyes of such people, there
is no God but wealth; no right and wrong
but profit and loss
— Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Rich Tyrants vs. Slaves

Posted by admin on Friday, July 14, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying in 1852 that religion turned a blind eye to rich slave owners and encouraged slavery and oppression of the poor. Frederick Douglass said:

A religion which favors the rich against the poor; which exalts the proud above the humble; which divides mankind into two classes, tyrants and slaves; which says to the man in chains, stay there; and to the oppressor, oppress on; it is a religion which may be professed and enjoyed by all the robbers and enslavers of mankind
— Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Judge Gets 10 Dollars

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying Fugitive Slave Law in mid 19th Century made it profitable for judges to decide against slaves and for owners. Frederick Douglass said:

The Fugitive Slave Law makes mercy to them a crime; and bribes the judge who tries them. An American judge gets ten dollars for every victim he consigns to slavery, and five, when he fails to do so
— Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Buyers & Sellers of Men

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying in his July 5th, 1852 speech to the Rochester Ladies Antislavery Society that evil men sold slaves like animals in the Northern U.S where slavery was outlawed. Frederick Douglass said:

I hear the doleful wail of fettered humanity on the way to the slave-markets, where the victims are to be sold like horses, sheep, and swine, knocked off to the highest bidder. There I see the tenderest ties ruthlessly broken, to gratify the lust, caprice and rapacity of the buyers and sellers of men.
My soul sickens at the sight
— Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Slave Trade Prosperous

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying in his 4th of July speech before the Rochester ladies antislavery society in 1852 that price for men was high then, making slave trade prosperous. Frederick Douglass said:

Take the American slave-trade, which we are told by the papers, is especially prosperous just now. Ex-Senator Benton tells us that the price of men was never higher than now. He mentions the fact to show that slavery is in no danger.
— Frederick Douglass

Douglass continued: “millions are pocketed every year by dealers in this horrid traffic. In several states this trade is a chief source of wealth

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