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Frank Buchman: Need for Greed

Posted by admin on Friday, November 6, 2020

Frank Buchman Money Quote saying there is enough for the things we must have, but not enough for excess for us all. Frank Buchman said:
There is enough for everyone's need, there is not enough for everyone's greed Quote

“There is enough for everyone’s need, there is not enough for everyone’s greed” — Frank Buchman


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In this quote, Frank Buchman is contrasting human “needs” with “greed”. He is suggesting that if resources were distributed based on what people genuinely need to live decently, there would be enough for all.

However, when greed and excess consumption are factored in, always wanting more than what is truly needed, there is not enough abundance on the planet to satisfy everyone’s greed simultaneously.

The quote conveys Buchman’s view that scarcity or lack is often an artificial construct caused by the over-accumulation and waste that results from greed, rather than a genuine shortage in the overall means of providing for basic human welfare at a global scale.

He seems to be advocating for a more need-based rather than greed-based approach to the distribution and consumption of the world’s resources.

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