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Floyd Mayweather on Time Money Doesn’t Matter

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 20, 2014

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Money Quotation saying much of our lives are devoted to financial success, then it becomes moot. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. said:
There comes a time when money doesn't matter Quote

“There comes a time when money doesn’t matter” — Floyd Mayweather, Jr.


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In this quote, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. seems to be suggesting that after a certain point of accumulating great wealth, money itself loses its importance or value. When one has more than enough financial resources to take care of needs and wants for life, Mayweather implies that other factors like health, relationships or fulfillment become more meaningful.

The key message is that for those who achieve very high incomes and net worth, money eventually stops being the primary motivation or measure of success – other non-financial priorities emerge that cannot literally be bought. So Mayweather is acknowledging that extreme riches may diminish the significance of money itself as a goal or source of happiness.

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