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Joseph Conrad: Finance Liquidation

Posted by admin on Monday, December 3, 2018

Joseph Conrad Money Quote saying that somehow assets are like a mist and cannot be liquidated before turning to vapor. Joseph Conrad said:
The world of finance is a mysterious world in which, incredible as the fact may appear, evaporation precedes liquidation Quote

“The world of finance is a mysterious world in which, incredible as the fact may appear, evaporation precedes liquidation” — Joseph Conrad

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Born December 3, 1857 – Died August 3, 1924
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James Altucher: Hidden Personal Finances

Posted by admin on Monday, May 28, 2018

James Altucher Money Quote saying those who understand finances figure out how to disappear money with great care so it can grow. James Altucher said:
People who know personal finance hide the money very carefully Quote

“The people who know personal finance hide the money very carefully” — James Altucher

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John Bogle: Get a Life Outside Finance

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

John Bogle Money Quote saying investments shouldn’t be actively managed, but rather should be long term. John Bogle said:

Own an index fund, get a life outside of finance, and relax
— John Bogle

Lawrence Weschler: Counterfeiting Arrests

Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lawrence Weschler Money Quote talking about the controversial money art of J.S.G. Boggs (who died this week at 62 in Florida) and was repeatedly arrested for counterfeiting while attempting to “spend” his artistic representations of money. Lawrence Weschler said:

He could seem authentically dumbfounded whenever he got arrested for counterfeiting. He was just short of being a con man, but no more than anyone in the art world, or for that matter in the world of finance, which of course, was his whole point
— Lawrence Weschler

Giancarlo Bruno: Blockchain Beating Heart

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Giancarlo Bruno Money Quote saying as head of finance at the World Economic Forum that Blockchain tech will control the pulse of global financial services. Giancarlo Bruno said:

Rather than to stay at the margins of the finance industry blockchain will become the beating heart of it
— Giancarlo Bruno

Charlie Munger: Finance Out of Control

Posted by admin on Saturday, June 4, 2016

Charlie Munger, vice-chair Berkshire Hathaway, Money Quote saying as a Republican, there are few other things he can agree with Elizabeth Warren on – except current state of banking is risky and dangerous. Charlie Munger said:

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t agree with me on many subjects, and I wouldn’t agree with her on many subjects, but she is basically right when she says that American finance is out of control and that it isn’t good for the rest of us
— Charlie Munger

Rana Foroohar: Finance Industry Profits

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rana Foroohar Money Quote Wall street takes a far bigger slice of corporate profits in America than the small percentage of jobs it creates. Rana Foroohar said:

The finance industry creates 4% of jobs, but takes 25% of the profits in corporate America
— Rana Foroohar

Rana-Foroohar-Makers-Takers-Book-CoverFor the past 15 years Rana Foroohar has covered the financial industry for Newsweek and Time and has now written a book looking at what she’s learned during that time.

Michael Connolly: Printing Inflationary Evil

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Michael Connolly Money Quotation saying governments that are tempted to print money during financial crises are playing with Seigniorage fire. Michael Connolly said:

Seigniorage finance of fiscal deficits is often known as “the printing press.” In a sense, money is the root of all inflationary evil. It helps to understand why inflation bursts out here and there periodically
— Michael Connolly

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