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Aaron Klein: Slow-Clearing Bank Settlements

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Aaron Klein Money Quote saying low-income consumers subsidize wealthy and must pay to use their own money. Aaron Klein said:

Lower-income Americans, who disproportionately use cash, prepaid cards or debit cards, get little to nothing and are in effect subsidizing the wealthy through the payment system. They also deal with a slow clearing and settlement system that causes additional expensive overdraft fees
— Aaron Klein

John Chiang: Wells Fargo Wanton Greed

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

John Chiang Money Quote saying as California State Treasurer that Wells Fargo cheated and fleeced customers with disregard for institutional ethics and encouraged greediness. John Chiang said:

Wells Fargo’s fleecing of its customers by opening fraudulent accounts for the purpose of extracting millions in illegal fees demonstrates, at best, a reckless lack of institutional control and, at worst, a culture which actively promotes wanton greed
— John Chiang

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