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Fay Egan: Buy Time Eternity

Posted by admin on Monday, August 21, 2017

Fay Egan Money Quote saying buy now pay later sometimes turns into pay forever if not paid regularly and promptly. Fay Egan said:
People who buy on time don't know when time leaves off and eternity begins Quote

“Some people who buy on time don’t know when time leaves off and eternity begins” — Fay Egan


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In this quote, Fay Egan is referring to the concept of buying goods or services “on time”, which means paying for them over an extended period through installments rather than all at once. The quote suggests that some people who habitually buy things this way lose track of the long-term consequences.

They don’t realize that the delayed payments accumulate over “time” and can eventually have eternal financial effects if not managed responsibly, for example by burdening one with debt that stretches into retirement or is passed on to heirs.

So Egan is cautioning that buying on credit without consideration for how the long run can blend into “eternity” is short-sighted and risks serious future financial implications that last indefinitely.

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