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Erich Remarque: Money is Cheap

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 12, 2023

Meaning of Erich Maria Remarque Money Quote: saying if it is possible to solve issues with money, it is not a serious issue at all, but rather cheap. Erich Maria Remarque said:

Anything you can settle with money is cheap Quote

“Anything you can settle with money is cheap” — Erich Maria Remarque


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This quote from Erich Maria Remarque suggests that issues or problems that can be easily resolved through monetary means alone are not truly significant or meaningful. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Remarque implies that matters which money readily settles lack true depth, importance or cost, portraying them as superficial or “cheap” in impact.
  • He portrays money as an inadequate solution or remedy for issues of true consequence or weightiness, able to easily fix minor difficulties but ill-equipped for profound challenges.
  • Remarque’s perspective conveys the viewpoint that money provides a convenient yet ultimately trivial solution for minor problems, unable to address matters of true gravity or resolve issues touching on deeper human experiences.

However, reasonable people can disagree on where exactly to draw lines around what money can and cannot address appropriately. While the quote reflects Remarque’s belief that money oversimplifies complex problems, a balanced interpretation is that financial resources do meaningfully help meet basic needs and shape opportunities when combined with compassion, relationships and freely pursuing purpose according to one’s own values and changing needs over the lifespan.

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