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Mark Twain: Salaried Million

Posted by admin on Friday, October 13, 2023

Meaning of Mark Twain Money Quote: saying Satan doesn’t have paid support staff, but God has a paid staff of millions. Mark Twain said:
Satan hasn't a single salaried helper; the Opposition employs a million Quote

“Satan hasn’t a single salaried helper; the Opposition employs a million” — Mark Twain


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In this quote, Mark Twain is making a satirical comparison between good and evil. He suggests that while Satan has no paid employees or “salaried helpers”, the forces of “Opposition” (presumably meaning opposition to good) have a workforce of a million people.

Twain seems to be jokingly implying that wrongdoing has much greater organizational resources behind it than virtue does. Overall, through his characteristic wit, Twain appears to be highlighting how immense societal and institutional influences can work against moral righteousness in subtle and systemic ways.

Birthday: November 30, 1835 – Death: April 21, 1910

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