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V Narayanasamy: Cashless Transaction

Posted by admin on Friday, December 30, 2016

V Narayanasamy Money Quote saying after Prime Minister Narendra Modi requeested they become a pilot state for digital banking that it requires work and transition time. V Narayanasamy said:

[Puducherry] has been selected to become a model state for cashless transaction on a pilot basis – digital banking could not be resorted to at the drop of a hat
— V Narayanasamy

Jim Marous: Uber Banking Experience

Posted by admin on Friday, November 4, 2016

Jim Marous Money Quote saying everyone wants ease of use and frictionless access in their banking just like their experience with technology companies. Jim Marous said:

Consumers are increasingly judging their digital banking experience to the offerings from companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber and Apple
— Jim Marous

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Consumers judging digital banking experience to companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber and Apple Quote

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