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Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Bankrupt Infidel

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Money Quote saying of the London stock exchange that all faiths deal as though nothing divides them until they lose their wealth. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said:

Jew, Mohammedan and Christian deal with each other as though they were all of the same faith, and only apply the word infidel to people who go bankrupt
— Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Craig Ferguson: Borrow Money Mob Deal

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 3, 2016

Craig Ferguson Money Quote saying using an organized crime loan shark with risk of physical harm sometimes seems like a better alternative to a ruined credit or a home repossessed. Craig Ferguson said:

When you need to borrow money the Mob seems like a better deal I think. ‘You don’t pay me back I break both yer legs.’ Is that all? You won’t take my house or wreck my credit rating? Fine where do I sign. Legs? Fine. You don’t even have to sign anything
— Craig Ferguson

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