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David Keating: Donors Remain Confidential

Posted by admin on Friday, September 21, 2018

David Keating Money Quote saying passing laws that remove the cloak of invisibility from political donors is against the wishes of those shy donors. David Keating said:
Our donors gave us money under the assumption they would remain confidential Quote

“Our donors gave us money under the assumption they would remain confidential, and we don’t want to do things that would make them not give us money anymore” — David Keating


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In this quote, David Keating seems to be explaining why his organization chooses to keep donor identities confidential. Some key points:

  • He notes that donors contributed funds under the “assumption” or implicit agreement that their names and donations would not be publicly disclosed.
  • Keating suggests the organization wants to honor this expectation of anonymity in order to maintain donors’ trust and willingness to continue contributing.
  • He implies that if donor privacy was compromised, it could damage the organization’s reputation for discretion and cause current/future donors to reconsider their support out of fear of exposure or retaliation.

Overall, the quote conveys Keating’s view that donor confidentiality is important to respect donors’ preferences and conditions for giving, as well as to avoid any actions that may discourage philanthropy by making contributors feel their private support could become publicly known against their wishes. For Keating, donor privacy helps ensure ongoing, trusted relationships between donors and recipients.

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