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Aaron Lasher: Monetize Cryptocurrency

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Aaron Lasher Money Quote saying in response to Chase CEO, jamie Dimon that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency threatens profits of banks. Aaron Lasher said:
Cryptocurrency Value that JPMorgan cannot monetize Quote

“Every dollar in cryptocurrency is another dollar in value that JPMorgan cannot monetize” — Aaron Lasher


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Evgeny Kaspersky: Cryptocurrency Banned?

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Evgeny Kaspersky Money Quotation saying regulation of cryptocurrency will not happen until it affects government control of revenue, then it will become illegal. Evgeny Kaspersky said:

I am more than sure that different countries will take turns to prohibit the use of cryptocurrency because they can’t control it. As long as they do not interfere, authorities won’t pay attention. Once [cryptocurrencies] begin to displace the national currencies – they will be immediately banned
— Evgeny Kaspersky

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