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Cormac McCarthy: Money Didn’t Change

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cormac McCarthy Money Quote saying money inevitably changes everyone that finds themselves with an excess of it. Cormac McCarthy said:
I never knew, nor did I ever hear of anybody that money didn't change Quote

“I never knew nor did I ever hear of anybody that money didn’t change” — Cormac McCarthy


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In this quote, Cormac McCarthy is expressing skepticism about the ability of wealth to be acquired and possessed without altering someone in the process. By stating he’s never known or heard of anyone whom money “didn’t change”, McCarthy suggests that gaining significant financial resources tends to impact people and potentially bring out negative qualities in their character.

The interpretation is that McCarthy views wealth as changing people by amplifying selfishness, greed, hubris or a sense of being above others and the rules. His comment implies that few have the discipline or principles to become monied without allowing money to somehow transform them, for better or worse.

Overall, the quote conveys McCarthy’s perspective that gaining money tends to psychologically or behaviorally change the recipient, perhaps by feeding ego, amplifying flaws, weakening empathy or detaching them from the struggles of less fortunate people in a way that alters who they are at their core. For McCarthy, it seems significant wealth rarely leaves someone fully unchanged in their outlook and conduct.

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