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Brittany Lincicome: Budgeting Nothing

Posted by admin on Monday, September 13, 2010

Brittany Lincicome Money Quote saying that budgets definitely allow something that costs nothing and you might as well spend nothing when it’s complimentary. Lincicome said:
You can't beat the price. Free is in my budget Quote

“You can’t beat the price. Free is in my budget” — Brittany Lincicome


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This quote by professional golfer Brittany Lincicome suggests that she places a high value on getting things at no cost due to budget constraints. By stating that “free is in my budget”, Lincicome implies that she watches her spending closely and aims to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The quote conveys that Lincicome prioritizes finding low-cost or complimentary options since she must work within a limited budget.

Overall, the quote emphasizes Lincicome’s practical approach to finances and appreciation for deals and perks that don’t cost anything, highlighting her frugality and ability to maximize her money’s worth.

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