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Brendan Behan on Currency Worship

Posted by admin on Thursday, April 4, 2013

Funny Money Quotes: A religion worshipping money is rarely admitted in public, but is more common than might be admitted. Brendan Behan said:
Pound notes are the best religion in the world Quote

“Pound notes are the best religion in the world” — Brendan Behan


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This quote by Irish writer Brendan Behan suggests that for some people, money or wealth (“pound notes”) can take on qualities of a religion or faith. Where others may find meaning, purpose or fulfillment through spirituality or ideology, this quote implies that simply possessing financial resources is enough to give one a similar sense of significance, comfort or higher purpose.

It highlights how money can become an object of worship, hope or salvation for those who place ultimate importance on material gain and security above other life priorities. The deeper message seems to be that earning and accumulating wealth serves as a kind of replacement religion for those devoted primarily to monetary pursuits in a secular sense.

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